We would rather be infidels than Christians!

(adapted from Spurgeon's sermon "Method and Music, or
the Art of Holy and Happy Living" #913. Colossians 3:17.

Some professors' lives dishonor the Christian religion.

The world observes them and says, "Are these Christians,
these covetous, quarrelsome, domineering, or boastful
people? If so, we would rather be infidels than Christians!"

Oh, you caricatures of godliness! How dreadful will
be your punishment if you die in your present state!
Repent of your sin, and ask of God grace to make
your profession sincere.

And if you will not do this, at least be honest enough to
give up your false profession, for you do but degrade it.

Why must you pretend to serve Christ?

What do you gain by your hypocrisy?

If you must serve mammon and the devil, serve them!