Very precious!

from Spurgeon's sermon, "Three Precious Things" #931

"Yes, He is very precious to you who believe." 1 Peter 2:7

Jesus Christ is most precious to every believer.

O that I had power to speak of His preciousness
as it ought to be spoken of! He is worthy of an
angelic speaker to tell out all His worth!

He is essentially precious. He possesses an intrinsic
 worth. He must be precious who is infinite God.

To every sinner who feels his sin, Christ is precious.
To every child of God who is saved, the Savior must
forever be fairest among the fair.

To every heir of heaven who has experienced
the sweetness of His saving grace, Christ must
appear to be "the chief among ten thousand,
and the altogether lovely One." Had not been
for our Savior dying on the cross, we would
forever have been cast into hell.

Christ is so precious that He cannot be bought.
If a man should give all the substance of his
house to purchase an interest in Christ, it would
be utterly condemned. Rich men might gather
together all their goodly things; yes, India might
be exhausted of its wealth, Peru drained of its
silver, and California of its gold; but no part nor
lot in Christ could be bought, even with sapphires
and diamonds!

He gives Himself away right freely, according to the
riches of His grace, but He is utterly unpurchasable,
for He is so precious that He cannot even be priced!

A whole world can never weigh against Him,
any more than a single grain of dust would
weigh against the universe.

Christ is so precious because He is unmeasurable!
There is no measuring line with which to form a
unit for calculation with which to measure Him;
He is infinite, and finite judgments will never
be able to comprehend His unutterable value!

He is God's unspeakable gift. Heaven itself is
nothing as compared with him, and if a man had
to wade breast deep through a thousand hells to
come to Christ, it were well worth the venture,
if at the last he might but say, "My Beloved is
mine, and I am His."

Jesus is so precious that He cannot be matched!
There is none like Him! The fairest of the fair are
unlovely and deformed when compared with Him!

You shall find none that can be compared to
Him, even if you ransack time and space!

Miss him as your Savior, and you have lost the
only salvation possible! Gain him, and you will
need no other. Jesus is our "wisdom, righteousness,
holiness, and redemption."

He all your souls can want!

If heaven and earth were sold, you
could not match Christ in any market!

If you search eternity, and ransack immensity,
there shall never be found one fit to be second
to Him, He is so precious.

Jesus is precious to us, because He cannot be lost.
All the precious things in this world are loseable.
The jewels may be stolen, the house may be broken
into by the thief, and the treasure may be taken away.
But Christ is such a jewel that even Satan himself
can never rob the soul of Him when once it has Him.

Is not Jesus a priceless, precious
 jewel, since He cannot be lost!

Though men have tried to focus all the heat of
persecution upon the Christian, they have never
been able to separate him from the love of Christ;
and though earth and hell have stirred up their
malice, and the furnace has been heated seven
times hotter, and the child of God has been tossed
into it, and apparently deserted to the fury of his
enemies, yet never in a single case has the precious
gem of Christ Jesus in the heart been destroyed!

See the preciousness, then, of Christ; the intrinsic
preciousness, the essential preciousness:
  He cannot be bought!
  He cannot be priced!
  He cannot be matched!
  He cannot be lost!
  He cannot be destroyed!

Happy and rich beyond expression are they who can
truly say, "Yes, He is very precious to us who believe!"