The happy secret of retaining our mercies!

 (adapted from Octavius Winslow's, "The
Glory of the Redeemer in His Resurrection")

The happy secret of retaining our mercies is
to receive and enjoy Christ in them; to turn every
blessing bestowed into an occasion of knowing, and
loving, and enjoying more of Jesus; apart from
whom, poor indeed were the most costly blessing.

Blessed indeed would our blessings then be!

Leading our affections up to God; giving us a deeper
insight into a Father's love; laying us lower in the
dust at His feet; filling the spirit with secret contrition
and tender brokenness, the heart with adoring love,
the mouth with grateful praise; endearing the channel
through which it descends, and the mercy seat at
which it was sought and given; encouraged and
stimulated by the gift, to devote person, time,
influence, and property, more simply and unreservedly,
to the glory of God; then should we keep a longer
possession of our sanctified blessing, nor fear the
thought, nor shrink from the prospect of its removal;
or, if removed, we should be quite satisfied to have
God alone as our portion and our all.