The Unconquerable King! (part 2)

Spurgeon "The Unconquerable King" Daniel 4:34,35

Events appear to fly at random like the
dust in the whirlwind; but it is not so.

The rule of the Omnipotent God extends
  over all things at all times!

Nothing is left to its own chance, but
 in wisdom all things are governed.

He is reigning amid all the calamities
which sweep the globe, as much as He
shall be in the halcyon days of peace.

Never is His throne vacant!

Never is His scepter laid aside!

Jehovah is always King, and shall be King forever and forever!

This unconquerable King sits securely on His throne!

There is no doctrine to the advanced Christian
which contains such a deep sea of delight as this.

The Lord reigns!

The Lord is King forever and ever!

Why, then all is well.

Oh, happy subjects, who have such a throne to look lo!

Oh, blessed children, who have such a King to be your Father!

"His rule is everlasting,
     and His kingdom is eternal.
 All the people of the earth
     are nothing compared to Him.
 He has the power to do as He pleases
     among the angels of heaven
     and with those who live on earth.
 No one can stop Him or challenge Him..."
           Daniel 4:34-35