The Spirit!

(adapted from Octavius Winslow's, "The
Unregenerate and the Regenerate Contrasted")

"Those who live in accordance with the Spirit
have their minds set on what the Spirit desires."
    Romans 8:5

What, reader, is the habitual and supreme bent of your mind?

Is it that which is spiritual, or that which is carnal?

You have your mind either set upon the things
 of the flesh, or upon the things of the Spirit.

You are either born again from above,
 or are groveling in things below.

You are either sanctified, or you are unholy.

You are for the Lord, or you are against him.

You are either Satan's slave, or Christ's freeman.


You inquire, "How may I know that I am of the Spirit?"

We answer, by your producing the fruits of the Spirit:
  a broken heart for sin;
  a felt conviction of the hidden plague;
  a humble and a contrite spirit;
  an utter rejection of a human righteousness;
  a simple, believing reception of the Lord Jesus;
  and a breathing after Divine conformity,
are evidences of a renewed and sanctified state.

If these are yours in any degree, then you are of the Spirit.