(edited from Thomas Reade's, "On Insensibility to Eternal Things")

Sin is a daring rebellion against the Majesty
of heaven; and would if it were possible, pluck
the Eternal God from His throne!

Every particle of sin contains an infinity of
evil, and deserves everlasting damnation!

Sin transformed the angels of light into demons
of darkness. Sin rendered the happy pair in Eden
wretched outcasts in a world of woe. Sin was
the cause of the universal deluge, and the fiery
overthrow of the cities of the plain. Sin has
ever marked its steps by misery and blood.

Pride, malice, envy, murmuring, uncleanness,
and every abomination hateful to a holy God,
and destructive to our wretched race, spring
from this poisonous root.

But, Oh! my soul, if you would view sin in
darkest colors and most terrible effects....
go to Bethlehem, and ask, "Why did the King
of heaven become infant of days? Why was He
who fills all space, wrapped in swaddling
clothes and laid in a manger?"

Go to Gethsemane, and ask, "Why did the
incarnate God agonize, and sweat great drops
of blood?"

Go to Calvary, and ask, "Why did the innocent
suffer such indignities? Why was the guiltless
condemned to die? Why did the Lord of glory
hang on the accursed tree? Why did the Lord of
life condescend to pour out his soul unto death?"

Let this view of sin, and of a sin bearing Savior
humble you in his presence; and empty you of
pride and vain glory.

Let it, at the same time, fill you with gratitude
to God, for having provided such a remedy against
the evils of the fall.

Sin, even your sin, nailed, pierced, and agonized the
Lord of glory! Oh! then, hate sin, and avoid it as you
would tremble to plunge a spear into your Savior's
bosom; as you would shudder to trample under foot
His sacred blood.