Self  dies!

(from Winslow's "The Nature and Source of Spiritual Life")

Self is the first citadel of the soul against
   which Grace directs its battery.

Self righteousness, Self trust, Self glorifying,
must yield to the humbling, emptying power
of the Spirit.

Self must be mortally wounded before Christ
lives in us. The two sovereigns cannot reign at
the same time and upon the same throne.

Self righteousness, Self glorifying, Self seeking,
must fall when Christ enters triumphantly to
set up His kingdom, to erect His throne, and to
subjugate all the powers and faculties of the
soul to His own holy and gracious supremacy.

Oh what vigilance it demands, lest this wretched
Self in us obtain a partial, or even a momentary,

The two principles; Self and Grace, are in deadly
antagonism the one to the other in the regenerate.

In proportion as Christ lives in us, Self dies!