(from Reade's, "The Cautions and Warnings of Scripture")

How prone we are to be proud, although
we have nothing to be proud of! Our hearts
are strongly inclined to pride, which is the
very essence of the fall. Pride cast angels
out of heaven, and man out of paradise.
Pride fights against the mercy of God; bars
the sinner's heart against the Savior; and
hurries the proud rebel down the precipice
of desperation into the burning gulf of hell!

Self dependence and carnal security are
those fatal props by which thousands are
upheld through the delusions of Satan,
until they drop into everlasting misery.

"Blessed Jesus! clothe me with humility;
destroy this baneful root of pride out of
my heart; and make me meek and lowly;
resigned to all Your wise disposals,
however painful they may be."