Many unruly and vain talkers?

(from Thomas Reade's, "Two Common Errors")

Many professing Christians are more ready to argue
a point in theology, than to crucify a beloved lust.

Those who are much acquainted with the religious
world, will find many theological disputants, but few
self denying followers of Jesus.

The apostle was compelled to say in his day:
"there are many unruly and vain talkers."

Such characters have been found in every age of
the church, to the annoyance of the humble Christian.

The Bible is not given to us for disputation, but
for edification; and its doctrines are designed to
have a practical tendency on the mind and heart.

It is no small craftiness of Satan to engage the
mind about non essentials, and to beget among
Christians a spirit of strife and contention.