Lord Jesus, make me....

(Thomas Reade, "On the Immensity of God")

Lord Jesus, make me....
humble, while I meditate on your humility;
loving, while I think upon your love;
holy, while I dwell upon your purity;
just, while I contemplate your righteousness;
merciful, while I behold your grace;
joyful, while I review your everlasting covenant.

Oh! fill my heart with gratitude, and my mouth
with praise. To you, blessed Jesus, do I look.
Remove all spiritual darkness from my mind;
all spiritual deadness from my heart.

Cause me....
to know you as my Savior;
to follow you as my leader;
to love you as my friend;
to trust in you as my atonement;
to be found in you as my righteousness;
to feed on you as the living bread;
to walk in you as the way to the Father; and
to dwell with you in heaven forever.

Oh! my God, when I contemplate your sovereign
will, which, from eternity, in highest wisdom,
consulted my welfare, I am lost in astonishment!

When I reflect upon your omnipotence, omniscience,
and omnipresence; upon your infinite holiness,
inviolable justice, and unerring wisdom; upon your
faithfulness, and truth; your everlasting love, your
sovereign grace, and your patience; how am I filled
with awe and dread!

Yet faith can contemplate this bright display of
uncreated excellence, and rejoice in the infinite
perfections as exhibited and harmonized in Jesus,
the incarnate Word. Here I behold, as in a glass,
the glory of the Lord. Oh! that while beholding,
I may be transformed into the lovely image of the
Savior, from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit
of the Lord.