It is a free grace salvation!

(adapted from Mary Winslow's, "Heaven Opened")

Whatever others may say, I am sure there was
nothing good in me to draw the Savior's love.

"I will have mercy upon whom I will have
 mercy, and I will have compassion upon
 whom I will have compassion."

Here is the cause!

Chosen in Christ before the world began; given to
Christ in the councils of eternity; called; justified;
and in due time glorified when the work of
sanctification shall be complete.

This is the glorious mystery which keeps the
poor believing sinner low at the feet of Jesus!

Boasting is here excluded!

A sinner saved, fully and eternally saved through the all
sufficient merit and atoning blood of Christ the Lord.

It is a free grace salvation!

Without money, without price!

No other would have saved such a sinner as me!

If there had been anything necessary in me,
  I would have been lost to all eternity!

It is a free grace salvation!