Cheer up!

  (adapted from Octavius Winslow's,
"The Prophetical Glory of the Redeemer")

Child of God, are you fallen?
Jesus bids you take hold of His strength.

Are you burdened?
Jesus bids you cast that burden on His arm.

Are you wearied?
Jesus bids you recline on Him for rest.

Does the world persecute you? Do your fellow
Christians misunderstand and wrong you?
Jesus bids you take refuge within the hallowed
sanctuary of His own pierced and loving heart.

Do you need grace?
Jesus bids you sink your empty vessel beneath the
depths of His ocean fulness, and draw freely more grace.

Whatever corruptions distress you,
whatever temptations assail you,
whatever adversity grieves you,
whatever cloud darkens you,
whatever necessity presses upon you;
as the watchful Shepherd, as the tender Brother,
as the faithful Friend, as the great High Priest,
Jesus bids you draw near, and repose in His love.

Oh, Jesus has a capacious bosom! There is room, there
is a chamber in that heart for you, my Christian reader!

Do not think your lot is desolate, and lonely, and friendless.

Do not think that all have forsaken you, and that in
sadness and in solitude you are threading your way
through an intricate desert.

There is One....
   that loves you,
   that thinks of you,
   that has His eye upon you,
and is at this moment guiding, upholding,
and caring for you; that one is Jesus!

Oh that you could but look into His heart, and see
how Jesus loves you; oh that you could but hear
Him say, so gently, so earnestly, "Abide in my love!"

Cheer up!

You are in Christ's heart, and Christ is in your heart.

You are not alone: your God, even your Father, is with you.

Your Shepherd guides you; the Comforter spreads
around you His wings, and heaven is bright before you.

Soon you will be there!

The pilgrim will soon repose his weary limbs;
the voyager will soon be moored in his harbor of rest;
the warrior will soon put off his armor, and shout his song of triumph.

Then look up!

Christ is yours, God is yours, heaven is yours!

If God is for you, who can be against you?

And if you find disappointment in 'created good',
it will but endear Jesus; and if you know more of
the inward plague, it will but drive you to the
atoning blood; and if you have storms and
tempests, they will but shorten the voyage,
and waft you the quicker to glory!

Cheer up!