A melancholy spectacle!

from Mary Winslow's, "Heaven Opened"

It is no common journey we are upon.

Every step of the way is important, and fraught
with the deepest interest. God the Father is
watching every trembling step we take. God the
Son tenderly and graciously enters into all our
difficulties, discouragements, and conflicts. God
the Holy Spirit instructs and leads us onward,
whispering words of comfort, and imparting new
life and energy to our minds, by leading us
constantly to the Fountain of living waters.

It is a melancholy spectacle to see many who
seemed to run well for a season, slacken in the
race, and afterwards grow weary, and turn back,
and walk no more with Jesus.

It is to the flesh so self denying a way, and its
pleasures and joys so entirely internal, apart from
anything external and visible, that the mere nominal
Christian, the religious formalist, soon wearies,
turns back, and finds that he was not a true pilgrim.