The 'Illuminated' Bible!

From Spurgeon's, "The Holy Ghost- the Great Teacher"

Do any of you have an 'illuminated' Bible at home?

"No," says one, "I have a morocco Bible; I have a
Polyglot Bible; I have a marginal reference Bible."
Ah! that is all very well, but have you an illuminated Bible?
"Yes, I have a large family Bible with pictures in it."
There is a picture of John the Baptist baptizing Christ by
pouring water on his head, and many other nonsensical things;
but that is not what I mean: have you an illuminated Bible?
"Yes, I have a Bible with splendid engravings in it."
Yes; I know you may have; but have you an illuminated Bible?
"I don't understand what you mean by an illuminated Bible."

Well, it is the Christian man who has an illuminated Bible.
He does not buy it illuminated originally, but when he reads it
"A glory gilds the sacred page,
Majestic like the sun
Which gives a light to every page,
-It gives, but burrows none."

There is nothing like reading an illuminated Bible, beloved.

You may read the Bible to all eternity, and never learn
anything by it, unless it is illuminated by the Spirit;
and then the words shine forth like stars!

The book seems made of gold leaf; every single
letter glitters like a diamond.

Oh, it is a blessed thing to read an illuminated Bible
lit up by the radiance of the Holy Spirit!