The best commentator!

From Spurgeon's sermon, "LET US PRAY"

"But it is good for me to draw near to God." -Psalm 73:28

In this psalm, poor Asaph had been greatly troubled--
He had been trying to untie that Gordion knot concerning the
righteousness of a providence which permits the wicked to
flourish and the godly to be tried; and because he could not
untie that knot, he tried to cut it, but he cut his own fingers
in the act, and became greatly troubled.

He could not understand how it was that God could be just,
and yet give riches to the wicked, while his own people were
in poverty. At last Asaph understood it all, for he went
into the house of his God, and there he understood the latter
end of the wicked. And he says -- looking back upon his
discovery of a clue to this great labyrinth --
"It is good for me to draw near to God."

Prayer explains mysteries!

If you would understand the Word of God in its knotty points,
if you would comprehend the mystery of the gospel of Christ,
remember, Christ's scholars must study upon their knees.

Depend upon it, that the best commentator upon the Word
of God is its author, the Holy Spirit- and if you would
know the meaning, you must go to him in prayer!

John Bunyan says that he never forgot the divinity he taught,
because it was burnt into him when he was on his knees.

That is the way to learn the gospel.
If you learn it upon your knees you will never unlearn it.

That which 'men' teach you, men can unteach you-- if I am merely
convinced by reason, a better reasoner may deceive me. If I
merely hold my doctrinal opinions because they seem 'to me' to
be correct, I may be led to think differently another day.

But if 'God' has taught them to me -- he who is himself pure
truth -- I have not learned amiss, but I have so learned that
I shall never unlearn, nor shall I forget.

Behold, believer, you are this day in a labyrinth-- whenever you
come to a turning place, where there is a road to the right or to
the left, if you would know which way to go, fall on your knees,
then go on. And when you come to the next turning place, on
your knees again, and so proceed again.

The one clue to the whole labyrinth of 'providence',
and of 'doctrinal opinion', is to be found in that
one hallowed exercise -- prayer.

Continue much in prayer, and neither Satan
nor the world shall much deceive you.

Behold- before you the sacred ark of truth.
But where is the key?
It hangs upon the silver nail of prayer!
Go reach it down, unlock the casket, and be rich!