The great fish college!

The following is from Spurgeon's sermon,
"The Perseverance of the Saints" #872. Phil.1:6.

Along the road from sin to heaven, from the
first leaving of the swine trough of sin, right
up to the joyful entrance into the eternal
banquet, and the music and dancing of
glorified spirits, every step we take must
be enabled to take by divine grace!

Every good thing that is in a Christian,
not merely begins, but progresses and is
consummated by the fostering grace of
God, through Jesus Christ.

If my finger were on the golden latch of
paradise, and my foot were on its jasper
threshold, I should not take the last step
so as to enter heaven, unless the grace
which brought me thus far should enable me
fully and fairly to complete my pilgrimage.

Salvation is God's work, not man's!

This is the theology which Jonah learned in
the great fish college, in the university
of the great deep, to which college it
would be a good thing if many of our pastors
in these days could be sent; for human learning
often puffs up with the idea of human sufficiency.

But he that is schooled and disciplined in the
college of a deep experience, and made to know
the vileness of his own heart, as he peers into
its chambers, will confess that from first to
last salvation is not of him who wills, nor of
him who runs, but of God that shows mercy!