The great benefits of prayer!

The following is from Jonathan Edwards sermon,
"Hypocrites Deficient in the Duty of Prayer"

Consider the great benefits of a constant,
diligent, and persevering attendance in prayer.

Prayer is one of the greatest and most
excellent means of nourishing the new nature,
and of causing the soul to flourish and prosper.

Prayer is an excellent means of keeping up
an acquaintance with God, and of growing
in the knowledge of God.

Prayer is the way to a life of communion with God.

Prayer is an excellent means of taking off the
heart from the vanities of the world, and of
causing the mind to be conversant in heaven.

Prayer is an excellent preservative from sin
and the wiles of the devil, and a powerful
antidote against the poison of the old serpent.

Prayer is a duty whereby strength is derived
from God against the lusts and corruptions of
the heart, and the snares of the world.

If prayer is constantly and diligently attended to,
it is one of the best means of leading not only an
amiable and pleasant life; but also a life of much
sweet fellowship with Christ, and of abundant
enjoyment of the light of his countenance.