The Man with the bruised
 heel & crown of thorns!

The following is from Bonar's book,
    "The Night of Weeping"

Jesus' crucifixion was but the closing
 scene of a whole life of crucifixion!

He was a cross bearer from the hour that He
was laid in the manger. All His days He bore
the cross.  His life was but a pilgrimage to
Calvary with the cross upon His shoulders.
His whole course on earth was a mournful
way. It was all reproach and sorrow from His
cradle to His grave. His was a sorrowing life;
His death was but the summing up of His many
sorrows, the gathering of them all together and
pressing them into His cup at once, until the
vessel burst, because it could hold no more.

Throughout life He was the "man of sorrows."

He was "acquainted with grief."

His bruised heel is only another way of
expressing His character as the suffering,
the crucified Son of Man.

It is the Man with the bruised
heel who has won our hearts!

It is He whom we follow; and His bruised
heel we engrave upon our banner as our
most honorable badge.

We are followers of the Man with the
pierced hands and feet, the Man who is
covered all over with the marks of the
buffet and the scourge and the spitting,
the Man with the crown of thorns!