That block of marble!

The following is from Spurgeon's sermon,
"Working out What Is Worked In" #820. Phil.2:12,13.

I have heard it said that the good sculptor,
whenever he sees a suitable block of marble,
firmly believes that there is a statue concealed
within it, and that his business is but to take
away the superfluous material, and so unveil the
"thing of beauty" which shall be "a joy forever."

Believer, you are that block of marble; you have
been quarried by divine grace, and set apart for
the Master's service, but we cannot see the
image of Christ in you yet as we could wish.
True, there are some traces of it, some dim
outlines of what is to be. But it is for you, with
the chisel and the mallet, with constant endeavor
and holy dependence upon God, to work out
that image of Christ in yourself, until you shall
be discovered to be by all men like unto your
Lord and Master!

God has sketched the image of his Son in you;
in the as yet but slightly carved marble he has
fairly outlined it, and you have but to go on
chipping away these sins, infirmities, and
corruption's, until the fair likeness of the
Incarnate God shall be seen by all.