God's books!

From Spurgeon's sermon, "Substitution"

A BOOK is the expression of the thoughts of the writer.

The book of 'nature' is an expression of the thoughts of God.

We have God's 'terrible' thoughts in the thunder and lightning;
God's 'loving' thoughts in the sunshine and the balmy breeze;
God's 'bounteous, prudent, careful' thoughts in the
waving harvest and in the ripening meadow.
We have God's 'brilliant' thoughts in the wondrous scenes
which are beheld from mountain-top and valley;
and we have God's 'most sweet and pleasant' thoughts
of beauty in the little flowers that blossom at our feet.

Now, God's book of 'grace' is just like his book of nature;
it is his thoughts written out.

This great book, the Bible, this most precious volume is the heart
of God made legible; it is the gold of God's love, beaten out into
gold leaf, so that therewith our thoughts might be plated, and we
also might have golden, good, and holy thoughts concerning him.