True spiritual life!

from Bonar's "The Night of Weeping"

Some, by their continual contact with
the outward things of religion, hinder
their inward growth and damage
their spiritual life.

There are many Christians who are always
steadily at 'church work' and apparently with
fervor too. Yet too little communion with God
shows that they are not really growing spiritually.
They work so much more than they pray, that they
soon become like vessels without oil.

The true spiritual life is different from all this.

It is a thing of intensity and depth. It ever
carries about with it the air of calm and restful
dignity, of inward power and greatness. It is
fervent, but not feverish; energetic, but not
excited; speedy in its doings, but not hasty;
prudent, but not timid or selfish; resolute and
fearless, but not rash; unobtrusive and at times
it may be silent, yet making all around to feel
its influence; full of joy and peace, yet without
parade or noise; overflowing in tenderness and
love, yet at the same time, faithful and true.
This is true spiritual life!

(Are you so busy doing 'church work', that your
personal relationship with Jesus is suffering?)