This Precious Anointing!

(from "The Precious Anointing" by Octavius Winslow)

This holy anointing of the Spirit will impart
clearness to your mind, so that you shall
have a right judgment in all things.

It will impart sweetness to your temper;
gentleness to your spirit, and will give you
a lowly, loving, self condemning heart.

It will make your behavior towards others
more Christlike. It will fill you with charity
and love; the grace of kindness will be in
your heart, and the law of kindness on your lip.

This precious anointing is so soul transforming,
so 'Christ assimilating' in its influence, that it
is impossible to partake of it in any degree and
not be like Jesus.

When you see a religious professor who is....
proud in heart,
lofty in spirit,
covetous in his aims,
condemning others,
justifying himself,
unsympathizing, or
you see one who is lacking this anointing.

He is not sitting at the feet of Jesus.