Take our sins to God!

Spurgeon, "A Troubled Prayer" No. 741. Ps. 25:18

We must take our sins to God!

The Christian, when he sins, thinks that
he must fight this battle for himself,
wrestle with his own evil temper himself,
and he himself must enter into conflict
with his lusts and his besetting sins.

But when he comes into the fight, he
soon meets with a defeat, and then
he is ready to give it all up.

Take your sins to God, my brethren!

Take them to the cross that the blood
may fall upon them, to purge away their
guilt, and to take away their power.

Your sins must all be slain. There is only
one place where they can be slaughtered-
the altar where your Savior died.

If you would flog your sins, flog them with
the whip that tore your Savior's shoulder.
If you would nail your sins fast, drive the
same nails through them which fastened
your Lord to the cross. I mean, let your
faith in the great Surety, and your love to
him who suffered so much for you, be the
power with which you do conflict with evil.

It is said of the saints in heaven, "They
overcame through the blood of the Lamb."

That is how you must overcome.

Go to Jesus with your sins!
No one else can help you!
You are powerless without him!

The most sinful are welcome to Christ.
If your sin has become so outrageous
that it were wrong for me to mention it;
if it has become so tremendous in its power,
that, like the chain and ball at the convict's
foot, you cannot escape from it, yet still
come with all your sins to Jesus!