Pursuits and aims...

-Spurgeon "Baptism- A Burial"

We are dead as to the pursuits and aims of
the sinning and ungodly life.

Brethren, are any of you that profess to be God's
servants living for yourselves?

Then you are not God's servants; for he that is really born
again lives unto God-- the object of his life is the glory of
God and the good of his fellow-men. This is the prize that
is set before the quickened man, and towards this he runs.

"I do not run that way," says one.
Very well, then you will not come to the desired end.

If you are running after the pleasures of the world or the
riches of it, you may win the prize you run for, but you
cannot win "the prize of our high calling in Christ Jesus."

I hope that many of us can honestly say that we are now
dead to every object in life, except the glory of God in
Christ Jesus.

We are in the world, and have to live as other men do,
carrying on our ordinary business-- but all this is
subordinate, and held in as with bit and bridle.

Our aims are above yon changeful moon.
The flight of our soul, like that of an eagle, is above these
clouds-- though that bird of the sun alights upon the rock,
or even descends to the plain, yet its joy is to dwell above,
out-soaring the lightning, rising over the black head of the
tempest, and looking down upon all earthly things.

Henceforth our grace-given life speeds onward and
upward-- we are not of the world, and the world's
engagements are not those upon which we spend our
noblest powers.