Little children...

Spurgeon- "Preparation for the Coming of the Lord"

"and now little children, abide in Him..." 1John 2:28

This reminds us our daily dependence upon the Lord's care,
just as little children depend on their parents.

Beloved, the Lord has to nurse you!

He feeds you with the unadulterated milk of the Word.
He comforts you as a mother does her child.
He carries you in his bosom.
He bears you all your days.

Your new life is yet weak and struggling-
do not carry it into the cold atmosphere of 'distance from Jesus'.

Little children, since you derive all from Jesus, abide in him.

To go elsewhere will be to wander into a howling wilderness.

The world is empty- only Christ has fullness.

Away from Jesus, you will be as a child deserted by its mother,
left to pine and starve.

Away from Jesus, you will be as a little lamb on the hillside,
without a shepherd, tracked by the world,
whose teeth will soon extract its heart's blood.

Abide, child, with your mother!

Abide, lamb, with your Shepherd!