Little, little, little things!

Spurgeon, "The Vital Force" #891. Hebrews 10:38

"Now, the just shall live by faith."

To live by faith is the very
essence of the Christian life!

We fail to bring little troubles to God,
and perhaps on account of their being
so little, we fancy that we must not
mention them to the Most High.

And are not our little things, after all,
but the fractions of a considerable sum
to such little creatures as ourselves?

These little, little, little things are of
momentous concern to such little ones
as we are. And the God that stoops to
us has already brought himself down
in condescension so low that we need
not fear that we shall bring him lower.

No, you may go to him if you like about
that lost key; or about that child's swelling
finger, or about that word that irritated
you just now.

There is nothing little to a father in the
thing that troubles his little child. And your
great God, having once condescended to
observe and care for you, numbering the very
hairs of your head, and not allowing a sparrow
to fall to the ground without his purpose and
decree, will not think that you intrude upon him
if you bring your daily little troubles to him.

Let the righteous live by faith in
the little common affairs of life.

"Now, the just shall live by faith."