Jesus deserves our best!

Spurgeon, "Grieve Not the Holy Spirit" Eph. 4:30

Some Christians live and act and talk as if
there were no judgment to come; toiling
for wealth as if this world were all. They
are as careless of souls, as though hell
were a dream.

Unmoved by eternal realities, unstirred
by the terrors of the Lord, indifferent to
the ruin of mankind, many professors live
like worldlings, and are as unchristian as
infidels. This is an indisputable fact, but
one to be lamented with tears of blood.

We are the purchase of Jesus' death upon
the tree- he has bought us dearly, and he
should have us altogether for himself.

It should be the one end and object of our
desire, to crown that head with gems, which
once was crowned with thorns.

Jesus deserves our best!

Every wound of his claims us, and every
pain he bore, and every groan that escaped
his lips, is a fresh reason for our holiness
and complete devotion to his cause.

How must he grieve over us because
we have not that tenderness of heart,
that melting of love, that vehemence
of zeal, that earnestness of soul which
we ought to exhibit!