Christian recreation?

Spurgeon, "The Love of God and the Patience of Christ"

If you receive the love of God fully into your
souls it will nourish the contemplative life.

You will want to be alone.

You will prefer to sit silently at Jesus' feet
while others wrangle over the little politics
of the day. You will give up being busy
bodies, talking in six peoples' houses in
an hour.

Quietude will charm you.

You will love no company so much as the
society of Him who is the Best and the Most.

To be with God in quiet will be your highest
enjoyment. You will not say, as some do,
"I must have recreation."

Contemplation of God is
recreation to the child of God.

It creates the soul anew. And is not
this the truest recreation?

Love to God will nourish the contemplative
life and so make us come forth as new
creatures, fresh from our Maker's holy hand.