Can these be the same men?

Spurgeon, "Nathaniel, The Man Needed for the Day"

There is an absolute necessity that a
Christian should possess thorough
sincerity and intense, downright reality.

The child of God may have spots on his
countenance but he must not paint his face.
It is the hypocrite that paints.

There may be a speck here and a speck there
upon the countenance of the true believer, but
he is sorry that it should be so and he tries to
wash off all such stains.

But he never uses the make-up box.

In this he is the reverse of the world's religious
professors. Oh, the multitude of hypocrites that
rouge themselves up to their eyes! They are
such beauties as Jezebel made herself!

You would suppose that they possessed the
beauty of holiness. But see them when the
paint is off; catch them at home; watch
them in their own families; trace them into
their secret places and there you will say,
"Can these be the same men?"