The Christian & the cross!

Spurgeon, "The Sin Offering" No. 739. Lev. 4:3

Christian, the cross was the place of your
spiritual birth, and it must ever be the spot
for renewing your spiritual health.

The cross is the hospital for every sin sick soul.

The blood of Christ is the true balm of Gilead-
it is the universal remedy which heals every
spiritual disease.

Come, sin-sick soul, and breathe the air which
was purified when the blood of the heart of
Jesus fell from His wounds to the ground, for
no spiritual disease can abide the presence
of the healing blood.

Hasten, you weak ones, to Calvary, and
partake in God-given strength and vigor.

It is from Calvary that you shall see
the Sun of Righteousness arising with
healing beneath His wings.

The beloved Physician meets His
patients at the foot of the cross,
and relieves them from all their ills.

Humbly resting upon Jesus is the best position for us.