Your treasures?

From Spurgeon's, "An Instructive Truth"

If you have anything that you prize very highly,
hold it very loosely, for you may easily lose it.

Read the word "mortal" plainly imprinted
on the brows of all your children.

Look into the dear eyes that are to you like wells in the
desert, and remember that they may be closed in less
than an hour, and the light of life be gone from them.

Your beloved one and you yourself are alike mortal,
and either of you may soon be taken from the other.

Have you property?
Remember that wealth has wings, and that it
flies away, like a bird upon swift pinions.

Have you health?
Then think what a marvelous mercy it is that--
"A harp of thousand strings
Should keep in tune so long"
and remember that, very soon, those strings may
be all jarring, and some of them may be broken.

Hold everything earthly with a loose hand.

Of everything below, it is wise for us to say,
"This is not my abiding portion."

There is nothing permanently for you here, after all.

You must keep all earthly treasures out of your heart,
and let Christ be your treasure, and let him have your heart.

Make this your earnest prayer--
"My Master, here I am; take me,
and do as you will with me.
Use me for your glory in any way that you please.
Deprive me of every comfort,
if so I shall the more be able to honor you.
Let my choicest treasures be surrendered
if your sovereign will shall so ordain."