How astonishing the sight!

David Harsha's, "The Crucifixion"

Emmanuel, God in our nature, suffering by
the hands of those whom He came to redeem;
wearing the piercing crown of thorns, and
bleeding for sinners! He whose throne is in
the heavens, and who is exalted far above
all principality, and power, and might, and
dominion, stooping to such torture!

This is certainly a sight which, if seriously
beheld, is calculated to make the deepest
impression on our hearts.

Oh, let us draw near, and with the eye of faith,
'behold the Man'. Behold the face of Him, who is
fairer than the children of men, crimsoned with
blood; see His sacred head bowed in agony amid
the shouts of derision, and the cries of, "Crucify
Him! Crucify Him!"

Let us look steadily and earnestly on our suffering
Savior, until He becomes unspeakably precious to
our souls; until His love is abundantly shed abroad
in our hearts; until in the blissful light of heaven
we behold Him in the midst of the throne, as the
Lamb who was slain, and join in the unending song
of the church triumphant; a song sweeter than angels
sing: "All praise to Him who loves us and has freed us
from our sins by shedding His blood for us. Give to Him
everlasting glory! He rules forever and ever! Amen!"

There is no sight so purifying and elevating to the
soul operated upon by the gracious influences of
the Holy Spirit, as that of a suffering Savior
voluntarily taking upon Himself the burden of
our guilt, and making atonement for our sins.

May this sight never fade from our view during
our passage through life; may it refresh our souls
in the hour of death!

Oh, what heavenly peace flows down to the
faithful beholders of the Man Christ Jesus,
wearing the thorny crown, and the purple robe!

How astonishing the sight!

'See! from His head, His hands, His feet,
 Sorrow and love flow mingled down
 Did ever such love and sorrow meet,
 Or thorns compose so rich a crown?'