Winslow, "The Shadow of Christ; Its Fruit and Repose.

The worldling lives in the realm of shadow.

All is but shadow that appertains alone to this
present life. The toil for wealth, the strife for
honor, the pursuit of pleasure, is but the race
of shadows.

I summon the worldling as a witness.

Does not your past experience confirm this
melancholy fact? Has your lust for gold been
satisfied with wealth? Your thirst for happiness,
with worldly pleasure? Your longing for rest,
with earthly repose? Your sighing for creature
friendship, sympathy, and love, with the creature?

Truth and honesty compel your emphatic answer, "No!"

And yet see how persistent is your folly!

Although bubble after bubble has burst,
and dream after dream has vanished,
and shadow after shadow has dissolved,
you are as eager and earnest as ever in
chase of those phantoms of earth born
bliss which dazzle but to bewilder, and
which allure but to destroy.