Where God put you?

From Spurgeon's, "MR. FEARING COMFORTED"

You are where Christ has chosen to put you.

Your afflictions, remember, come neither from the east nor from
the west, neither does your trouble grow out of the ground.

All your suffering is sent upon you by your God.

The medicine which you now drink is compounded in heaven.

Every grain of this bitterness which now fills your
mouth was measured by the heavenly physician.

There is not an ounce more trouble in your cup,
than God chose to put there.

Your burden was weighed by God before
you were called to bear it.

The Lord who gave you the mercy has taken it away;
the same God who has blessed you with joy
is he that has now ploughed you with grief.

You are where God put you.

Let this be the pillar of your confidence-
you are his servant, he will not leave you.

You are where he put you, he cannot allow you to perish.

Look away, then, from the trouble that surrounds you, to
your Master, and to his hand that has planned all these things.

Remember too, WHO it is that has put you where you are.
It is no harsh tyrant who has led you into trouble.
It is no austere unloving heart who has bidden you
pass through this difficulty to gratify a capricious whim.

Ah, no, he who troubles you is Christ!

Remember his bleeding hand; and can you think that the
hand which dropped with gore, can ever hang down when it
should be stretched for your deliverance?

Think of the eye that wept over you on the cross; and can
the eye that wept for you be blind when you are in grief?

Think of the heart that was opened for you; and shall the
heart that did bleed its life away to rescue you from death,
be hard and stolid when you are overwhelmed in sorrow?

Shall he leave you- he that bought you, he who is married to you,
he that has led you thus far, has succored you hitherto, he who
loves you better than he loves himself- shall he forsake you?

If we leave all our matters, temporal as well as spiritual, in the
hand of God, we shall lack no good thing, and what is better still,
we shall have no care, no trouble, no thought; we shall cast all
our burden upon him for he cares for us.

There is no need for two to care, for God to care and the creature too.