The net of earthly, carnal, sensual engagements!

(From Octavius Winslow's, "The Christians Journey")

Jesus says, "Do not lay up for yourselves treasures
upon earth. Do not worry about your life, what
you shall eat, or what you shall drink; neither for
your body, what you shall wear."

We are passing through this fallen world to glory.
And the command of our Lord is, that we be
constantly forgetting the things that are seen and
temporal; nor regard the world, its possessions
and attractions; in the anticipation of the world
of glory that is before us.

The follower of Christ is to consider earth's wealth
and glory, this world's pleasures and politics, as
nothing to him; and constantly detaching himself
from the things that are earthly and temporal, he is
to be pressing forward to things heavenly and eternal.

How many a child of God, who should be growing in
grace and advancing in heavenliness, is constantly
clogging his feet with earth's clay, weaving around
him the net and the mesh of earthly, carnal, sensual
; thus impeding his spiritual progress!
How can he grow in grace and heavenly mindedness
if this be so? It is utterly impossible!

You must become more dead to earth, more
crucified to the world, and realize more the
power of Christ's resurrection in your soul.

Jesus says to you emphatically, "Do not regard
earthly possessions, your belongings, your worldly
advantage. Do not regret not the loss and sacrifice
of home, friends, and property, that you make for
your attachment to me, my service, and my cause.
Count it all as vanity and dross; gird up your mind
to endure my shame, to share my reproach, yes, to
deny all ungodliness, to come out of the world and
be my cross bearing disciples. I have laid up for you
treasure in heaven, infinite wealth, an inheritance
that is incorruptible, riches that perish not, joys that
do not glut, a crown of glory that does not fade away.
Count the world as loss, all created good as dross,
and the creature itself as vanity, for the glory, and
honor, and immortality that will soon be yours!"

Thus would our blessed Lord teach, cheer, and
animate us in our heavenly journey, by bidding
us cease from needless earthly care, and cultivate
the spirit, the mind, and the hopes of pilgrims
traveling to the celestial city!

God give us grace to lay to heart these exhortations
to heavenly mindedness! We are but crossing a
desert land on our way home to Christ! He has
promised that our bread and our water shall be
sure, and that we shall lack no good thing.

Upon Him, then, let us cast our care, anxious
for nothing except how we may so walk as to
please Him in all things.