Mountains of troubles!

From Spurgeon's, "LET US PRAY"

Your prayers at the best are nothing but a beggarís cry.
You still stand as beggars at the gate of mercy, asking
for the dole of Godís charity, for the love of Jesus.

Prayer has a mighty power to sustain the soul
in every season of its distress and sorrow.

Whenever the soul becomes weak, use the
heavenly strengthening plaster of prayer.

You remember in the ancient mythology the story of him
who as often as he was thrown down, recovered strength
because he touched his mother earth.

It is so with the believer-- as often as he is thrown
down upon his knees, he recovers himself, for he touches
the great source of his strength-- the mercy-seat.

If you have a burden on your back, remember prayer,
for you shall carry it well if you can pray.

Once on a time Christian had upon his back a terrible
burden that crushed him to the earth, so that he could
not carry it; he crept along on his hands and knees.
There appeared to him a fair and lovely damsel,
holding in her hand a wand, and she touched the burden.
The burden was not removed, but strange to say, the burden
became weightless. It was there in all its outward shape
and features, but without weight.
That which had once crushed him to the earth, now had
become now so light that he could leap and carry it.

Beloved, do you understand this?

Have you gone to God with 'mountains of troubles' on your
shoulders, unable to carry them, and have you seen them,
not removed, but still remaining in the same shape, but of a
different weight? They became blessings instead of curses--
what you thought was a heavy 'iron' cross suddenly turned out
to be a 'wooden' one, and you carried it with joy, following
your Master.