He came!

David Harsha, "The Incarnation of Christ"

The grand design of the Savior's coming from heaven
to earth, was for the purpose of saving sinners.

He came that we might find in Him a hiding place
from the storm and tempest of divine wrath, which
is ready to break over an ungodly world.

He came to break the chains of sin.

He came to bruise Satan under our feet.

He came to open the prison doors, and to confer
on us the glorious liberty of the children of God.

He came to enrich our impoverished souls
with all spiritual and heavenly blessings.

He came to lead us beside the still waters of divine grace.

He came to implant holy desires in our hearts.

He came to elevate our affections above a vain and perishing world.

He came to clothe us with the garments of salvation.

He came to give unto us who mourn in Zion,
beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning,
the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.

He came to feed us with living bread.

He came to open for us a fountain of immortal life.

He came to pour out His Spirit upon us.

He came to guide us to the shores of Emmanuel's land.

He came to receive us to mansions of everlasting joy and glory in heaven.

He came  to confer endless happiness upon myriads
of our guilty race, who might justly have been left
to reap the fruit of their transgression with the fallen
angels, in the regions of eternal darkness and despair.

Who can tell what it is to be delivered from the
thraldom of sin, and the fearful realities of hell; to
be reinstated in the favor and love of God; and to be
crowned with the imperishable diadem of beauty and
glory through those infinite ages of bliss, which roll
beyond the grave!

All that our blessed Savior did on earth was to
accomplish this great work of redemption; to glorify
His Heavenly Father in the salvation of precious,
immortal souls. He never failed to make this the
grand design of His high mission. For this very
object He became a man of sorrows.

For US Jesus visited earth, and trod the
thorny path of life, until He endured the
excruciating death of the Cross!

Where, in the wide universe of God, can be found an
instance of love so marvelous as that which Christ
displayed, when He left the throne of heavenly glory,
and the songs of seraphim and cherubim, to be cradled in
the manger of Bethlehem and become a man of sorrows?

How truly amazing!