-Spurgeon, "Go back? Never!"

Brethren, we desire something better than this world.
Do you not?

Has the world ever satisfied you?
Perhaps it did when you were dead in sin.

A dead world may satisfy a dead heart,
but ever since you have known something of better things,
have you ever been contented with this world?

Did you ever get a rose in this world that was altogether
without a thorn?

Have you not been obliged to say,
after you have had all that the world could give you--
"Vanity of vanities, all is vanity"?

I am sure it has been so with you.
All of God's saints will confess that if the Lord
were to say to them--
"You shall have all the world, and that shall be your
portion," that they would be broken-hearted men.

"No, my Lord!" they would say,
"don't put me off so,
don't give me these husks,
though you give mountains of them.
You are more glorious than all the mountains of praise.

Give me yourself, and take these all away if it so please
you, but don't take my Lord, don't think I can fill myself
with these things!"

We desire something better.