Fiery trials!

From Spurgeon's, "THE CALL OF ABRAHAM"

ABRAHAMíS faith was of the most eminent order,
for he is called the 'Father of the Faithful'.

Let us rest assured that nothing but repeated and
fiery trials could have trained his faith to so
great a strength as that which it exhibited in his
preparation to slay his son at the command of God.

This true Jerusalem blade was long annealed before
it gained its marvelous edge and matchless temper.

Men come not to their perfect stature except by
years of growth. Stars cannot reach the zenith of
the heavens by one sudden flash, nay even the
sun himself must climb to his meridian.

Trials are the winds which root the tree of our faith.

They are the trainers, drilling Godís young soldiers,
and teaching their hands to war and their fingers to fight.

Wherever God in his providence guides you, let it be your joy
to know that he is too wise to err and too good to be unkind.