by Spurgeon-

Are not many professors sadly indolent in the Lord's work,
though diligent enough in their own? Because of Christian
idleness we hear of the necessity for amusements, and all sorts
of nonsense. If they were at work for the Lord Jesus we
should not hear of this. If the Lord's work were well attended
to, minds, and hearts, and hands, and tongues will be
occupied, and diversions will not be asked for. Let idleness
come in, and that spirit which rules lazy people, and there will
arise a desire to be amused. What amusements they are, too!
If religion is not a farce with some congregations, at
any rate they turn out better to see a farce than to unite in
prayer. I cannot understand it.

The man who is all aglow with love to Jesus finds little need for
amusement. He has no time for trifling. He is in dead earnest
to save souls, and establish the truth, and enlarge the kingdom
of his Lord.