Your portion?

 from Spurgeon's, "CHOICE PORTIONS"

"The Lord is my portion, says my soul" -Lamentations 3:24.

Some of you are very poor; you have nothing in the
world, but you can say, "The Lord is my portion."

Like the old woman who, when she had nothing to eat but a dry crust
of bread, and only a cup of water to drink, broke the bread and said,
"All this, and Christ too!"

We have heard of a rich man who once took a poor believer and said-
"Look over there to those hills. All of that is mine; that farm yonder,
and that yonder, and beyond that river over there- it is all mine."
"Ah," said the poor man- "look at yonder little cottage, that is where
I live, and even that is not mine, for I have to rent it, and yet I am
richer than you, for I can point up yonder and say- there lies my
inheritance, in heaven's unmeasured space, and if you look as far as
ever you can, you cannot see the limit of my inheritance nor find out
where it ends nor where it begins."

Oh, what a blessing, brethren, it is if you and I can say,
"The Lord is my portion"