Are you, beloved, walking in the midst of trouble?

(Winslow, "The Influence of Sanctified Trial upon the Inner Life")

Are you, beloved, walking in the midst of trouble?

Do not think that you are alone. May your eye of
faith be "anointed with fresh eye salve," to see
One walking side by side with you; the same who
walked with the three children through the fiery
furnace, "whose form is like the Son of God."

Yes! Jesus is with you in your trial.

Christ is with you in your trouble.

The path, however difficult, is not so narrow that
your Lord cannot tread it with you, side by side.

Your way is not so intricate that he cannot enable
you to thread your steps through the labyrinth.

He is with you, though like the two disciples journeying
to Emmaus in mournful communion one with each other,
your eyes may be so blinded that you see him not; yet
he journeying with you along that sad and mournful,
that lone and pensive path.

Christ is in your adversity!

Christ is in your cross!

Christ is in your dilemma!

Christ is in your suffering!

Christ is in your persecution!

Christ is in your sickness!

Yes, Christ is at your side every step you take, and
he will conduct you safely to your Father's house!