God's lancet!

"The Preciousness of Trial" by Octavius Winslow

Trials are a precious discipline, a precious correction,
a precious school, that lead you more fully into the
heartfelt experience of the preciousness of the Savior.

Trials make you more intimately acquainted with
your best Friend, your dearest Brother, the tender,
sympathizing Beloved of your soul.

You will know more of Jesus in one sanctified
trial, than in wading through a library of volumes,
or listening to a lifetime of sermons.

Sanctified trial opens an outlet for the escape
of much 'soul distemper'. Deep rooted, hidden
and long pent up evil, the existence of which
has been as a fretting sore, inflaming, irritating,
and impairing the whole spiritual constitution
of the soul, has by this process been thrown
off, and thus a more wholesome state and
healthful action has come.

Oh, what selfishness,
what carnality,
what rebellion,
what worldliness,
what secret declension,
has God's lancet brought to light, revealing
it but to inspire self abhorrence, sin loathing,
and sin forsaking.

All of this is the costly fruit of a deeply sanctified trial.

Oh, precious trial! Oh, heaven sent affliction! that
breaks down the barriers, removes the restraints,
thaws the congealings that intercept and interrupt
my fellowship with God.

Our heavenly Father loves to hear the voice of
His children; and when that voice is still, when
there is a suspension of heart communion, and
the tones are silent which were wont to fall as
music upon His ear, He sends a trial, and then
we rise and give ourselves to prayer.

Perhaps it is a perplexity, and we go to Him for counsel.

Perhaps it is a need, and we go to Him for supply.

Perhaps it is a grief, and we go to Him for soothing.

Perhaps it is a burden, and we go to Him for upholding.

Perhaps it is an infirmity, and we go to Him for grace.

Perhaps it is a temptation, and we go to Him for help.

Perhaps it is a sin, and we repair to Him for pardon.

But whatever form the trial takes, it has a voice,
"Rise, and call upon your God!" and to God it brings us.