All kinds of trials...

-Spurgeon, "The Christian's Heaviness and Rejoicing"

Ah! even when the Christian is most "in heaviness through
all kinds of trials
," what a mercy it is that he can know that
he is still elect of God!

Any man who is assured that God has "chosen him from
before the foundation of the world," may well say, "In this we
greatly rejoice."

Let me be lying upon a bed of sickness, and just revel in this
one thought-- Before God made the heavens and the earth,
and laid the pillars of the firmament in their golden sockets, he
set his love upon me; upon the breast of the great high priest
he wrote my name, and in his everlasting book it stands,
never to be erased- "elect according to the foreknowledge
of God."

"In this we greatly rejoice."

Come, Christian! you are depressed and cast down.
Think for a moment.
You are chosen of God and precious to him!

Let the bell of election ring in your ear,
and let your name be heard in its notes.