Comfort in all your trouble


We seldom learn much except as it is beaten into us by
the rod, in Christ's school-house, under Madam Trouble.

You, believer, have very special comfort in all your trouble.

You have this sweet reflection- that there is no curse in your cross.

The cross may be very heavy, especially while it is green, and
our shoulders unused to carrying it; but remember, though there
may be a ton-weight of sorrow in it, there is not a single ounce
of the curse in it.

God does never punish his children in the sense of avenging justice.
He chastens as a father does his child, but he does never punish his
redeemed ones as a judge does a criminal.
It would be unjust to exact punishment from redeemed souls since
Christ has been punished in their place and stead. How shall the
Lord punish twice for one offense? If Christ took my sins and
stood as my substitute, then there is no wrath of God for me; and
though my cup may be bitter, yet there cannot be a single drop
of the wormwood of Almighty wrath in it.

I may have to smart, but it will never be beneath the lictor's
rods of justice, but under the Parent's rod of wisdom.

O Christian, how sweet this ought to be to you!

A God of love inflicts our sorrows!

He is as good when he chastens as when he caresses!
There is no more wrath in his afflicting providences than
in his deeds of bounty. God may seem unkind to unbelief,
but faith can always see love in his heart.

Strike, Lord, if you will, now that you have heard the
Savior's plea and justified our souls.

Consider everything that you have to suffer as the
appointment of wisdom, ruled by love, and you will
rejoice in all your tribulation, knowing that it shall
reveal to you the loving-kindness and wisdom of your God.

You have this comfort, that your trials work your lasting
good by bringing you nearer and nearer to your God.

Some Christians have their trials in the shape of sickness.
They drag about with them a diseased body all their lives;
or they are suddenly cast upon the bed of sickness, and
they toss to and fro by night and by day in pain and weariness.

This is God's medicine; and when God's children have it,
let them not think it is sent to kill them, but to heal them.