From Spurgeon's sermon, "WAR! WAR! WAR!"

"Fight the Lord's battles." -1 Samuel 18:17.

The Christian's battle is first of all with sin.

Seek grace to fight that battle in your own heart.

Endeavor by divine grace to overcome those propensities
which continually push you towards iniquity.

On your knees wrestle against your besetting sins.

As habits appear, endeavor to break them by the battle-axe
of strong resolution, wielded by the arm of faith.

Take all your lusts as they bestir themselves to
the foot of the cross, and let the blood of Jesus
fall upon those vipers and they must die.

The blood of Christ shall spill the blood of sin.

The death of Christ shall be the death of iniquity,
the cross of Christ shall be the crucifixion of transgression.

Labor with yourselves to drive
the Canaanites out of your hearts.

Spare none, let no petty lust escape.

Put down pride and sloth, and lust, and unbelief
and you have now a battle before you which may
fill your hands, and more than fill them.

Oh! cry unto God your strength, and look unto the hills
from where comes your help, and then fight on again,
and as each sin is overcome, each evil habit broken off,
each lust denied, go on to the rooting up of another,
and the destruction of more of them, until all being subdued,
body, soul and spirit shall be consecrated to Christ as a
living sacrifice, purified by his Holy Spirit.