True or False?

(by Don Fortner)

1. False faith may be greatly enlightened
and knowledgeable of gospel truth. Judas was.
True faith receives the love of the Truth.

2. False faith excites the affections, like
the stony ground hearers of the parable,
and causes people to spring up like
shooting stars, only to fade quickly.
True faith is the abiding, growing gift of God.

3. False faith reforms the outward life and
causes people to live better before men.
True faith arises from a regenerate
heart and causes people to seek the
will and glory of God.

4. False faith may speak well of Christ,
as the Jews did. True faith loves Christ.

5. False faith confesses sins, like King Saul.
True faith confesses sin, like David.

6. False faith may humble itself in
sackcloth and ashes, like Ahab.
True faith humbles itself before God.

7. False faith may repent in terror, like Esau
and Judas. True faith repents in contrition,
being convinced of God's way of salvation in Christ.

8. False faith often performs religious works
very diligently. Saul of Tarsus did.
True faith is a faith, which "works by love."

9. False faith is sometimes very generous and
charitable (Ananias and Sapphira). True faith
causes ransomed sinners to be generous,
willingly, constrained only by love and gratitude.

10. False faith may tremble at the
Word of God, like Felix.
True faith trembles and bows.

11. False faith often experiences much in religion.
True faith trusts no experience, no matter how
great, and looks to Christ alone.

12. False faith often enjoys great religious
privileges, like Lot's wife. True faith
places no confidence in the flesh.

13. False faith may preach, perform miracles,
and cast out demons, like Judas. True faith
rejoices in having one's name written in heaven.

14. False faith often attains high office in the
church, like Diotrephes, and walks with great
preachers, as Demas walked with Paul.
True faith is honored to keep the doors
of God's house and walk with Christ.

15. False faith may be peaceful and carnally
secure, like the five foolish virgins.
True faith presumes nothing, but looks
constantly to Christ.