Grace spares no sin...

-Spurgeon, "Two Essential Things"

Grace spares no sin.

"Oh," says one man, "I can give up every sin except
one pleasure. This I reserve- is it not a little one?"
No! No! in the name of truth and sincerity,
make no reserve!

Repentance is a broom which sweeps
the house from attic to cellar.

Though no man is free from the 'commission' of sin,
yet every converted man is free from the 'love' of sin.

Every renewed heart is anxious to be free from even a
speck of evil.

When sin's power is felt within, we do not welcome it, but
we cry out against it, as Paul did when he said,
"O wretched man that I am! Who shall deliver
me from the body of this death?"

We cannot bear sin-- when it is near us, we feel like a
wretch chained to a rotting carcass; we groan to be free
from the hateful thing.