-Spurgeon, "Little Sins"

Just get one small error into your minds,
get one small evil into your thoughts,
commit one small act of sin in your life-
permit these things to be dandled, and fondled,
favored, petted, and treated with respect, and
you cannot tell whereunto they may grow.

They are small in their infancy:
they will be giants when they come to their full growth.

You little know how near your soul may be to destruction,
when you wantonly indulge in the smallest act of sin!

Dread sin; though it be never so small, dread it.

You cannot see all that is in it.
It is the mother of ten thousand mischiefs.

The mother of mischief, they say, is as small as a midge's egg;
and certainly, the smallest sin has ten thousand mischiefs
sleeping within its bowels.