Comfort for SICK SAINTS

 by Spurgeon--

SICK SAINTS, the Great Captain of the host has called you to
glorify Him 'on your beds'. It may be you could never have done
this in active service. What a mercy is it that a sick chamber
affords you opportunities to honor Him.

Your patience, holy resignation and joyous faith, make you
invaluable teachers to those believers who visit you, and even
your ungodly friends may be greatly blessed by your means.

Little do you dream how well your words are remembered,
and how powerful they will be even when you have fallen asleep
in Jesus. From the green mound in the cemetery your loving
voice shall sound in their ears. Those very persons who now
seem so indifferent, may be the first to be converted by your
testimony. Speak well of your Lord; you see Him often, let His
name be ever in your mouth.

He makes your bed; let your bosom be a pillow for Him.

Let your chamber be a sanctuary, your bed a pulpit, your
living loving experience of divine grace the constant sermon.

We cannot do without you in the Lord's battles.
Your power for good is wonderful; do not forget your
advantageous position, but lift up the banner of your Lord
on high. Let no persons retire from your bedside without
being enriched by some affectionate admonition.

In the night-watches, when your eyes are held awake so
that you cannot sleep, plead for the Church, the world,
your minister and your friends.
What showers of mercies your intercessions may bring down.
The golden keys of heaven are at your belt,
open the treasury and bless us all.

"As the sufferings of Christ abound in you,
so may your consolation also abound by Christ."